As team manager of my college football team my responsibilities include getting the teams jerseys and practice jerseys cleaned weekly. With 50+ players and weekly grass stains, mud and even blood stains, we were really impressed with A+ laundry and their service. They were always on time and super fast!

Our hotel has been using A+ for the last 5 years and we wouldn't even think of switching from their service. These guys do amazing work and they're always quick no matter how big a load we give them.

With A plus laundry service we never have a single concern! From the front of house to the kitchen staff, table cloths and even our curtains they take of laundry for our entire restaurant!

I am so impressed with A+ laundry....they really offer it all! They were able to provide uniforms for our entire hotel staff and handle all of our linen laundry and any fabric repairs we ever need! You have to check them out.

As the GM at an LA Fitness we go through tons of towels every week. Thanks to A+ we're able to get them washed and replaced fast and on time whenever we need. They offer some of the best quality towels at a great bulk price.

After my grandmother's vintage drapes were damaged in a small house fire we had planned to throw them out. But thankfully I was introduced to A+ laundry service and found out they do restorations. She is so pleased to have them back and they look better than ever, they really do excellent work!

I recently opened my second restaurant and I'm glad to still use A+ laundry for all my washing needs. They provided uniforms for all my employees, top quality fabrics and quality materials! Their service is really unbeatable, great prices too. Plus they're right here Nassau County, so it's really convenient for both my Queens and New Hyde Park locations.

Our hospital has used A+ Laundry for years now and in all that time they have never been late with a single job! That's reliability! And we're one of the largest hospitals in Queens so we have an awful lot of laundry at times. Uniforms, bedsheets, linens, aprons and doesn't matter they do it all! They always make sure to take special care of any of our more delicate items and our administrators could not be happier.

Areas We Cover

With our HQ based in Lawrence, we cover Nassau, Suffolk, Queens & Brooklyn

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